Meditation & Self-development
a 7 week course - for a joyful and fearless life

☀️ The answers to life’s most important questions can be revealed to you through the process of receiving & contemplating transcendental knowledge, applying that knowledge in your life, and by practicing the easiest, most effective method of meditation. Through such a practice you can begin to see yourself for who you really are as well as truly see and love others. In this course you can learn how to become free from anxiety, fear, loneliness and increasingly experience inner peace, true happiness and meaning in your life.

🌿 Course Program
1. Who Am I? What is consciousness & life?
2. What is the mind and how to deal with it?
3. 8 layers of perception - Uncovering our eternal spiritual nature
4. The 3 psychological influences in the material world and how they shape our lives
5. Understanding karma and reincarnation
6. A spiritual map - Overview of the three main spiritual experiences
7. Yoga lifestyle - practical steps we can take to achieve the spiritual goal of life

🌿 Learn simple, yet effective mantra meditation
- Pranayama | Meditation with deep breathing
- Japa meditation | Engaging our senses to focus our mind
- Kirtan meditation | The life of transcendental knowledge

Practical Info


Our meditation center in Erling Skakkes gt. 3, 2nd floor.


7 Tuesdays starting on January 25th at 18:00.


English (& Norwegian).



Tromsø Meditasjon

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Erling Skakkes gate 3, Trondheim

(+47) 975 24 299

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