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January 31 - February 3, 2019


Relax, take a deep breath of fresh mountain air, and savour the tranquility at this weekend-long retreat. You can experience a deep rejuvenation as you release layers and layers of tension.

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Learn simple and effective meditation techniques! On this free introductory course of meditation, you get the opportunity to let go of worries and everyday challenges, and join a relaxing evening in a good company. You can also bring the meditation techniques that you learn home to apply in your daily life.
The course contains:
- Introduction to yoga science; Who am I, and how can meditation help me in my life?
- Breathing techniques (pranayama) to calm the mind
- Guided deep relaxation (yoga nidra) where you lie down, rest, and let go of all stress
- A short session of music meditation with mantra
- Snacks and tea after the course

Mantra, or transcendental sounds, are very powerful. They free us from worries and help us cultivate spiritual love in our heart. Therefore, surrounding ourselves with these spiritual sounds has a very positive effect on us. On Sundays we meditate with mantra music by playing different melodies, singing, and together enjoying this enlivening form for meditation. You are welcome to sing along or else just listen if you want to. Always free of charge. After the meeting, there is time for snacks, tea and opportunity to have a chat with like-minded people.

Relax in body and mind with yoga exercises! We teach hatha yoga centered around postures or asanas that aim to bring harmony between the body and the breath. Asana and pranayama (breathing exercises) open the subtle energy channels in the body, so that have a greater experience of vitality and life force in the body. Our yoga teacher Ruben takes you through a warm-up of breathing exercises and soft movements, and continues with a more physical part where you will increase the energy flow in your body. It is all rounded off with soothing asanas and a guided deep relaxation. Ruben takes nspiration from yoga retreats he has participated in around the world, and teaches a flowing, breath-focused yoga style suitable for everyone.

Many people have a desire to cut their meat consumption, but simply lack knowledge about how to make good and nutritious foods without meat. Do not you know where to start?
Get started on our vegan cooking course - where you learn the basic in plant-based cooking. We will teach the most simple way to go from basic farm produce to a tasty & healthy meal. The 2 hour long class ends with a joint dinner where you get to enjoy all the various flavours.

If you want to lower the stress level in your daily life and find a source of peace of mind - join a long weekend of meditation & yoga at Storbuan Økosamfunn! Yoga is a complete system of well-being in body, mind, and heart. Whether you are a taxi driver, student, single mother, or a senior, this retreat will help you deal with the challenges of life in a better way. Together we will practice simple meditation techniques, breathing exercises with mantra, yoga asanas (exercises), guided deep relaxation, and kirtan (music meditation). We will serve a buffet of vegetarian food (all food included in the price). Here you also have the opportunity to learn how to cook tasty vegetarian food and have insight into the science of yoga. Price will be announced.

Stay in tune for events that we arrange regularly, for example
- Evenings with lectures from the yoga science
- Guest lectures with world renowned yoga teachers
- Yoga days where you can try all our different classes in one day
- Social events like Vegetarian Christmas Party
- Concerts with Atmasfera, a mantra band from Ukraine
... and much more!

And don't miss out on our

Yoga Wisdom Evenings

Yoga is the science of life. How can I live a life that feels good on the inside?
Yoga wisdom provides answers to our questions in a way that satisfies the heart.
It helps us to see the real causes of personal and social problems we face in everyday life.
These evenings are for those who want to go deeper and contemplate your own life.
Usually we start with some music meditation to calm the mind.
After the lecture it is possible to ask questions, and we serve tea and snacks.
Examples of previous topics:
‘Forgiveness – the Path to Freedom’
‘Am I Good Enough? About True Self-Esteem’
‘Science of Yoga: Beyond Sectarianism and Blind Faith’
‘Root Cause of Environmental Crisis’
‘Who Are You: The Question of Identity’


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