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Timetable - October 2019


Vegan Norwegian Christmas Dinner

November 24 & 30

Warmly welcome to a plant-based and alcohol free Christmas Party! Here you will get to enjoy a delicious buffetof traditional Christmas food, meet new friends,and experience relaxing music – all in a warmand genuine atmosphere.

Introclass: Learn Meditation

Learn simple and effective meditation techniques. At this free course you get the opportunity to let go of worries and everyday challenges, and be part of a relaxing evening in good company. You can also bring with you the meditation techniques you learn from home and practice them in your daily life.
The course includes:
- Introduction to the ancient yoga wisdom
- Breathing techniques to calm the mind
- Guided deep relaxation (Yoga nidra)
- Music meditation with mantra

Wednesdays 18:00

Free of charge, drop-in

Tuesdays 19:30

Deep Peace Meditation

Come, lie down, and rest your body, mind & heart. Get a real break in a hectic everyday life. Deep Peace is a guided meditation with calming breathing exercises and deep relaxation.
Free of charge, drop-in

Fridays 18:00 and 19:30

Music & Wisdom

18:00 We weave together soothing melodies and mantras in an interactive music meditation. 
19:30 Seminar on personal and social issues with insights from the yoga wisdom
Free of charge, drop-in

Hatha Yoga

Join our down-to-earth courses in Hatha Yoga (physical yoga exercises), where you can experience how the combination of breath and movement reduces stress, anxiety and depression - and provides energy and strength to the body and mind. Yoga and breathing techniques are also valuable for achieving inner wellbeing. Among other things, it opens the energy channels so that you can have a greater experience of the life force within your body. 


(In Norwegian)

We also offer

Retreat with Meditation & Yoga

If you want to lower the stress level of everyday life and find a source of inner peace - join a weekend of meditation & yoga at Storbuan Økosamfunn. Together we practice simple meditation techniques, breathing exercises with mantra, kirtan, yoga asanas, guided deep relaxation, and more. Delicious vegetarian food will be served throughout the weekend. Food and accommodation are included.
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Vegetarian Cooking Class

Do you want to learn how to make good and simple vegetarian food? On this evening you will learn how to put together a healthy and tasty vegetarian meal from scratch. Making vegetarian food can actually be very simple - and fun. Join us on a cozy evening with inspiration, great atmosphere, and a tasty dinner at the end.
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Special Events

Keep up to date with major events we regularly organize, such as the Yoga Day Festival, Yoga Soundfest, guest lectures with world-renowned yoga teachers, vegetarian Christmas Party, concerts with the mantra music band Atmasfera from Ukraine - and much more.

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