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Christmas Party

Saturday 1 December
Sunday 2 December

 Enjoy a delicious buffet of traditional Norwegian Christmas food, meet new friends, and experience a relaxing concert - all in a warm and genuine Christmas atmosphere


'Thanks for an incredibly nice evening! Really tasty food'

'Thank you very much for delicious food and good atmosphere'
'Great food & music, and awesome atmosphere'
'Nice atmosphere, very good food and cozy concert. Thanks'

The menu consists of Christmas veggie-burgers, nut roast, mashed rutabaga, steamed vegetables,
red cabbage, stewed peas, prunes, pickled red onion, lingonberry jam, and sauce.
Dessert will be sweet rice (made with coconut milk) with red sauce, and cake.
All the food will be 100% plant-based (no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy).

The event is alcohol-free and you don't have to bring anything; food and beverages are included.
There will be a relaxed atmosphere so you don't need to put on your galla outfit,
but you can put on something nice if you want ;)

Practical info:
- Choose the day that suits you best; Saturday 1.12 or Sunday 2.12
- Tickets cost 250, - and can be bought by clicking here

Make sure to sign up early to secure a spot (limited number of seats)

Vegetarian Christmas Party

Saturday 1 December
Sunday 2 December
Kjøpmannsgata 12
Tickets: 250,-


Kjøpmannsgata 12
7013 Trondheim


Telefon: (+47) 401 68 685

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