* 100% dersom du avbestiller 31 dager før arrangementett starter
* 75% dersom du avbestiller 30-14 dager før arrangementet starter
* 50% dersom du avbestiller 13-7 dager før arrangementet starter
* 0% dersom du avbestiller mindre enn 7 dager før arrangementet starter

Vegetarian Cooking Course

This event is one our main fundraisers and enables us to give free meditation classes during the year. 

To be able to plan the event successfully we have to know how many people are coming and how much food we need to buy. 

Any last-minute cancellations makes it hard for us, so for that reason we have the following cancellation policies:
- the ticket is not refundable
- If you get seriously sick you can get a refund with a certificate from the doctor
- other serious cases we will assess individually

And we are so grateful for any income we get because we are a 100% non-profit voluntary based organization, so this money will be nicely used to help others in Trondheim - thank you :)