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Erling Skakkes gate 3

Trondheim, Norway

(+47) 975 24 299

or (+47) 451 45 793

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Meet the crew running
Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga


Anja Hammer

(+47) 451 45 793

Originally from Poland, but has lived in Trondheim for the past 14 years. Anja has practiced meditation and studied yoga wisdom for over 20 years, and has great pleasure in sharing it with others. She loves mantra singing, cooking, and talking about deep topics and life issues.


Kristian Gravdal

(+47) 975 24 299

Kristian has a great passion for sharing the benefits of the yoga lifestyle with others. He is always more than happy to give a helping hand and good advice. You will often see Kristian leading our introductory meditation classes. He is also taking care of our economy and bookkeeping.


Ruben Lundström

(+47) 410 715 816

Our Swedish friend who found his place here in Trondheim. Ruben is a big great enthusiast of environmental and social work. He is coordinating our bigger events and works a lot with marketing. Goodhearted and friendly to all, dedicated hiker, singer, and our passionate yoga teacher.

Frank Johnsen

(+47) 401 68 685

Our passionate cook, as well as a great enthusiast of meditation and yoga literature. Both serious and funny, usually hardworking in the back stage area, and a good partner in deep conversations. Nowadays living in Tromsø together with his wife, Janne.

Janne Blomli Johnsen

(+47) 991 65 151

Linn's twin sister. Has practiced mantra meditation and followed the yoga lifestyle for over 7 years, and is now gladly sharing it with others, both in Trondheim and her hometown Tromsø. Contributes greatly to our music meditation with her warm and calm voice.

Linn Lundström

(+47) 959 47 665

Very fond of singing and playing guitar, and interested in healthy lifestyle and a natural approach to health. Studying, practicing, and sharing with others the knowledge of Ayurveda - the health system of yoga. Dedicated to spreading the joy of yoga and meditation.

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Erling Skakkes gate 3


Phone: (+47) 975 24 299

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